First time fishing Monkey Mia

 Hi All,


Headed up to monkey mia for the july school holidays and taking my 3.5m tinny, just wondering if anyone had any advice on which way to head out/ what kind of water i should be looking for to catch a feed for the family. 


Thanks for any advice :)

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Monkey Mia

Wed, 2015-04-29 05:57

 Wow over 200 reads and nobody can be bothered to reply. Guess that bali shit is more important than fishing?

Well Trojan i have not been there for over 30 years so personally cant help but if you use the search function i'm sure you will get some results. I recall there being some discussion not to long ago regarding Monkey Mia.

Other than that the usual applies. Look for gullies, structure or anything unusual on the bottom. Ask the blokes at the boat ramp or fish cleaning stations for general areas or directions or depths.

Fill your tanks with fuel and go on a slow cruise, with a lure out, and just check things out. Up there at the moment a day moving on the water will get you away from the flies so it will be a blessing for all involved.

Good luck.



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 Don't ask me....  I've been

Wed, 2015-04-29 18:22

 Don't ask me....  I've been fishing monkey mia for 10 years and struggled to catch a fish three weeks ago!  but seriously, remember that pink snapper season is closed at that time.  but there are lots of other options.  blue lined emporer, cod, blue bone and much more.  and there will be plenty of big pink snapper around for catch and release fun!


depending on how big your tinny is, head north from the boat ramp across the flats.  When it drops to 7 m, drift along there for all the species mentioned.


If your tub is capable, head east from the ramp out into what is known as the second channel.  about 3+ miles.  about 10 m of water.  again all the species mentioned.  


If you can drift a live bait there is always a chance of a cobia or mackerel.


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 The 7 metre drop off heading

Thu, 2019-12-05 18:02

 The 7 metre drop off heading north, how far out is that approximately?  I'm heading there over Chrissy this year with a 3.5m tinny