Fish deaths in jurien

 Heard on thghe radio Saturday about lots of fish dying in the jurien bay marina . Not good for a busy place . 


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Happens every other year

Mon, 2019-09-16 08:00

rotting seaweed deoxygenates the water.  Real pity as we used to catch heaps of yellowtail for bait there and occasionally get surprised by a big tailor taking tiny baits meant for the baitfish  

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I recall quite clearly

Mon, 2019-09-16 19:56

I recall quite clearly spending a few weeks in greenhead back in july 2009. ..we had a lay day after some good days fishing , so hit up jurine pub for a countery and stopped in at the jurien marina for a look at the cray boats etc .the marina was full of weed and water stagnant with lots of small dead fish and crabs just floating around on the beach and in the shallows near the rec ramps ...

one of the local shark boys , told us back then it was like it every year since it was completed ............. decade on ?? seems nothing has changed reading this latest incident


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 You wonder if they could

Mon, 2019-09-16 20:55

 You wonder if they could install a natural flushing system in there Hezzy.


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