fishing busselton jetty

hey guys/girls im heading to busselton for a week on january 2 so ima give the busselton jetty ago and ive never been there and im just wondering what to expect. i would like to catch a sambo or mulloway tailor or bonito  if im lucky enough. Ill be using a shimano saragosa 18000f with 50 lb braid on so i guess im after a good spot on the jetty witch side is better left or right he so im wondering what sort of rigg should i use patarnoster rigg or somthing else would love to hear back if anyone could help me with thanxmuch appreciated

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Don't bother mate

Tue, 2010-11-23 18:17

the jetty has been shut for 18months and wont re-open untill at least the foreshore festival on Feb 3.

Even that looks doubtful now that the construction company, marine and civil has gone into administation.

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Wed, 2010-11-24 12:22

Its been shut for a while but after the workers leave you just walk on and fish there during the night i went a month ago had a good fish caught squid herring and a few stingrays dunno what would be lurking around in the daytime

but yeah its open at night time i walked all the way up to the end and talked to about 30 locals along the way they just said the usual squid and baitfish...

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Now the little jetty

Sun, 2010-11-28 16:27

in front of the Equinox has a barrier halfway along it too. Only those willing to get wet can get past it! No wonder people get the sh-ts & take things into their own hands.