fishing friday morning

thinking about heading to wet a line friday morning..its giving ese winds early,light winds and waves are low so do you think fishing from the north mole(just past the kiosk,facing rotto) is a good spot? about woodman point? any tips guys



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mate i was at woodys on

Wed, 2010-09-01 20:18

mate i was at woodys on thursday last weak, just before the platform on the right, i was just killing time.

there was a huge school of some large fish, was told samon, i thought the salmon where all gone.

they were the shape of salmon so could of been, not interested in bitting though, just seem to be cruisig around.

people where chucking all sorts of stuff at them with no luck, but they have to eat sooner or later.

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your spot on

Wed, 2010-09-01 21:22

your spot on that fisho one of my m8s went there and he said the same thing personly i would go 2 woodys jetty in stead of northmole and plus about a week ago my m8 got a nice gummy shark there to  

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the salmon is still cruising

Wed, 2010-09-01 21:32

the salmon is still cruising around, blame the funky weather.

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woodys jetty..wheres that in

Thu, 2010-09-02 07:41

woodys jetty..wheres that in relation to the groyne part of woodman point

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not near the ramps, it is on

Thu, 2010-09-02 15:22

not near the ramps, it is on the west side of the club house, the big long groyne that forms the marina.

if you were going to the concrete jetty(entry point) the little platform is opp that, on the other side of the groyne(west side) it very small and only good for a coulple of people.


when on the platform looking towards the beach in the very clear water with a small amount of weed patches is were i seen the schools, they seem to be hanging around there and cruising up and down the groyne.

good luck

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if im right he means near

Thu, 2010-09-02 12:51

if im right he means near the boat ramps were u can park and walk out on the groyne

there is a little wooden jetty on the right side of it


ill be heeding there friday night for a few hours