fishing license

 just a reminder to check you fbl. Just got my renewal today and found the expiry was 1 week ago. I know its my responsibility to be on top of these things but could have been messy if I had been out for a fish . Luckily work and the weather have stopped me.

Always try to do the right thing but shows how easily you can get tripped up.

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You can load your license

Thu, 2017-08-10 16:03

You can load your license into the recfishwest app and it will give you a reminder 1 month before it expires (or as long as you set it) 


Can also take a photo of it so it's always with you if you forget your wallet 


Can do the same for all your safety gear. I highly recommend it (although I haven't had it long enough to get a reminder and ensure the reminder works yet)

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 Mine is my screen saver on

Sat, 2017-08-12 05:29

 Mine is my screen saver on my phone