Fishing next Friday Night. Anyone keen too meet up?

Hi there,


Ive got next friday night free for a fish, would be keen to chase some of these big Aussie Salmon or anything else that can pull a bit of string. Sharks too. 


If anyone is planing to head out next friday and wouldnt mind me taggin along let me know.


Would be nice to meet up for an evening fish after work, i dont mind travelling a little while south or north to meet up.




George New.

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Where abouts are located and

Sun, 2010-05-09 16:23

Where abouts are located and where did you have in mind?

The tide looks pretty poor next friday night so i'm still undecided. Would be perfect night for mulloway bash/shark bash if the tide was better. New moon

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I have no plans yet, was

Tue, 2010-05-11 23:11

I have no plans yet, was really hoping to tag along with some others.

Im north of the river, living up near floreat now. I dont mind going for a drive :)


... If anyone is planning to head out do keep me in mind as im up for a decent fish.