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The second species for the fishwreckapedia fish species identification list is the Pink Snapper. Please add anything you know about the species, in terms of habitat, depth, movements over times of the year, prefered catch methods - rigs/baits, legal size limit - bag limit, eating quality etc.

Please try and add things which haven't been posted before, when the discussion has covered most of the information I will place it into a new area on the site where we will build upon a database of fish species for identification and general use. I will also attach photos to help with the identification, if you have any really good ones without an angler in the photo, please submit them, or email them to me at:



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My favorite drift baiting

Mon, 2007-07-02 06:40

My favorite drift baiting fish! 2 snelled 6/0 hooks on 60 to 80lb leader with no 5 bean sinker(with the line going through it twice so it can run up and down) and then to a godd quality swivel. For added fun use ya baitcaster will land them!

Keep it tight, reeeeeeel tight!

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Pink Snapper - Pagrus auratus

Wed, 2007-07-11 14:59

South West Pink Snapper Rules
Minimum Size Limit ---- 410mm
Bag Limit Per Angler ---- 4

West Coast Pink Snapper Rules
To protect vulnerable spawning stocks off the Perth metropolitan coast, the following rules apply when fishing for pink snapper between Cape Bouvard and Two Rocks Marina.
Daily bag limit: four per angler, of which only one fish over 700mm may be landed.
No filleting at sea: All metropolitan pink snapper must be landed whole.
Cockburn and Warnbro Sounds: Closed season 1 October – 10 January.

Gascoyne Pink Snapper Rules
Minimum Size Limit : 410mm
Maximum Bag Limit Per Angler : 4

Special Shark Bay Rules
Daily bag limit: one, minimum size 50cm, maximum size 70cm.
Eastern Gulf: Closed season 1 May – 31 July.
Denham Sound: Open each year until the 15 tonne Total Allowable Catch (TAC) is reached.
Freycinet Estuary: Closed season 15 August – 30 September. Anglers must have a pink snapper tag to take snapper in the Freycinet Estuary. A limited number of tags are issued each year. Contact the Department of Fisheries for details.

Pilbara/Kimberley Region
Minimum Size Limit : 410mm
Maximum Bag Limit Per Angler : 4


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