Fitgerald River National Park - Quoin Head

Just wondering if anyone has any experience fishing around Quoin Head? What's it like? Main target species? Thinking about heading down there at Easter, so I guess there is  a chance the salmon could be running if the water is cold enough!



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gday Matt

Sun, 2012-03-18 20:41


yeah I've been down there a few times. the fishing is excellent, plenty of big skippy and salmon. the beach isn't any good for fishing but if you walk to the other end and walk along you can fish off the rocks, just be careful because some huge waves come through there. there is also a spot you can scramble down the cliffs from the track on the way in but make sure you go with someone else and use common sense. I lost my tackle box to a king wave down there. you'll also need a decent fourby to get back out from the camping ground as the ascent can be washed out and is really steep. also pays to check with DEC because the track in is often closed after a drop of rain



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Never been there

Sun, 2012-03-18 21:10

Never been there but it is definately on my bucket list. The problem i have is i usualy stay near Hopetoun and the road into the national park has been closed for a couple years. (on and off ) 

Best to check the roads are open with local rangers first. You can get there from the other side of the park. Looking forward to a report if you end up getting there.

Cheers Grant..