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Hi Crew,

Recently there have been some pretty full on debates/fights/discussions going on within the site and I have no problem with that, but when it starts getting personal its time for me to act.  Banter is good, giving advice, constructive criticism and helping someone with a technique they may not have mastered yet is no problem.  But of late, these boundaries seem to have gotten blurred and things are a little out of control.  From here on I will be taking a much harsher line on these sort of things, not to stifle discussion, but to slow the negativity that seems to be breeding.  Having been in the web game for quite some time, I know what these sort of things do to sites and is why I am going to react strongly.

I would ask you as members to try and keep posts related to fishing and to play the issue, not the man.  Its Christmas and meant to be a festive good time but it appears that isn't the attitude some people want to take into the holiday season.

I have closed both of the tolerance threads, removed the sambo boat photo and removed the barramundi disgusted thread.  (I have removed that as the people in that video could arguably sue for defamation as was the intention of the sambo boat photo, to remove any potential issues and to allow me to have a happy chrissie without having to worry about those sort of issues)  The climate change thread is also on the verge of closure as it seems to have a play the man, not the issue type feel coming into it.

Its been a great year with awesome photos and achievements for the site.  I'm just trying to ensure that next year is bigger and better and the friendly peaceful attitude is maintained and fishing is the priority, not conflict. 

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all.  Hopefully this is the end of the matter, if you want to discuss it with me, feel free to PM.  Any further threads on the matter will be removed, lets get back to fishing!





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