Free boat for two weeks- one condition- must skipper for rotto swim!

looking for someone that might be in between boats or something and can help out with skippering for the Rotto swim on Feb 24th.


benefit to you is access to a boat to fish/ dive etc for a few weeks?


ive committed to skippering for brother-in-law who is coming over from nsw to do a duo (they've done it before), but I'll now be overseas.


happy for someone responsible/ genuine to have the boat for the couple of weeks beforehand and use as you please- but must be reliable for the 24th and must have somewhere secure to store the boat on its trailer.


its an ally about 26ft. Great dive/ fish boat. Will be full of fuel when you get it.


drop me a note if interested.


brett. 0439099597

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Sat, 2018-01-13 18:05

 Boat that size will need a brake controller in the car, is the car included?