Freediving Mask Recommendation

Can anyone recommend a decent mask and snorkel with a GoPro mount and good snorkel purge for some shallow water free diving? With my kids all being water confident I’m keen to give the crabs a crack by hand this year and my old set has seen better days.




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I dive with a go pro head

Thu, 2020-12-03 11:40

I dive with a go pro head mount on a strap rathern than attached directly to the mask. In my experience this is most people prefered option as it has the benefit of if the gopro gets stuck on something eg. top of a cave it won't pull your mask off. Also the added drag/weight on the mask can make them prone to leaking. For free diving most people use a low volume mask, the best mask is one that seals on your face and is comfortable. I'd recommend going to a dive shop and trying on a few different masks to see what suits you best

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YBS sucks

Thu, 2020-12-03 12:52

I bought 1 off that Youngbloods bloke from Exmouth, biggest peice of cheap Chinese crap I ever purchased. Go for a tried and tested big name brand.

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Interesting, I bought one of

Thu, 2020-12-03 19:29

Interesting, I bought one of him and its bloody awesome.

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Sun, 2020-12-06 18:01

 There are two types which one was it?

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low volume is the key

Thu, 2020-12-03 18:54

As Dave said go to a dive shop and try them on. Get one that fits, not one that looks cool with a brand name you like. Don't go a clear rubber or silicone you will get heaps of reflection on the glass. Snorkles are the same. It has to fit in your mouth properly.

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Direction spearfishing

Thu, 2020-12-03 19:07

There's a dude in hilaries with his own range. I bought a wetty off him, and he gave me one of his GoPro masks to try. I bought it off him the day I tried it! Fits better than my oceanic shadow mask, and was 1/4 of the price! 

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Sat, 2020-12-05 22:50

 A lot has to do with your face profile. A low volume mask is the best. there  are specialist shops with spear fishing equipment. Take the advise of the staff in these shops as they have the experience ,cressi and mares are quality manufacturers with specific mask designs for spearos. Speak with spearfisher men and clubs like wa undersea club or blue water divers . they have a wealth of knowlege as well and are not looking for the best margins on sales.

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Sat, 2020-12-05 23:05

 The dude in Hillaries referred to in an earlier post is Barry Paxman, legendary champion spearo and with the best advice and knowlege . You can contact him thru Bluewater divers Perth, spearfishing club . It is listed on the internet.

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Sun, 2020-12-06 07:47

Barry has the Aussie range, and his wetsuits are just standard neoprene.


The guy I'm referring to, his name is Gary, and he owns/runs Direction Spearfishing. His wetsuits are 2 piece, but more importantly are open-cell suits, which are thinner and more comfortable, and are also much warmer than neoprene.

Anyway, he just had a shipment delivered of his GoPro masks when I was picking up the suit I ordered, and gave me one to test out and give feedback. As I said, its actually more comfortable and better than my frameless oceanic shadow mask. I use it more than my normal one as a result! 


There's also a Facebook page if you're interested. 

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Cheers Scotto, he sorted me

Thu, 2020-12-17 12:14

Cheers Scotto, he sorted me out. Can't wait to wrestle some blue mannas!


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Barry uses antique masks

Tue, 2020-12-08 18:43