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Within 2 hours. Wasn't mentioned on any weather forcast. Little Andy done well hit at 25 k mark on way in. Light s/west 27 deg/ temp day. Turned to n/east 30 plus knot squals plenty of lightning. Not good .

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Not good

Wed, 2018-10-10 22:28

Certainly not a lot of fun when it turns that quick 


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Makes for an exciting day on the water

Wed, 2018-10-10 23:35

Not This is how quick things can change so quickly and cause a day on the water to be slightly more than pleasurable

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 I know that feeling. This

Thu, 2018-10-11 06:36

 I know that feeling. This was mine

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Cool vid

Thu, 2018-10-11 07:14

Turns quick. And pray motor doesn't have issue.

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Term for that is shit bag

Thu, 2018-10-11 07:33

 You always think about the motor, you wouldn't  want to hit a whale. Good vid outwide.


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 Cool video. Scary in a 4.9m

Thu, 2018-10-11 09:23

 Cool video. Scary in a 4.9m boat!

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I did have a look at the

Thu, 2018-10-11 07:00

I did have a look at the observations and noticed 25-30 knots

There is always a bit of randomness regarding the wind in and around thunderstorms.

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Winds around thunderstorms can get very intense,

Thu, 2018-10-11 11:23

but usually not for long. Not much you can do about it, you might be 5 k's away from where they are getting suddenly hammered and not feel a thing. Something to think about when you state you can safely go a million miles offshore in your 4.8 M boats on a "good" day. In the the warmer weather months, the good days are often the ones with the greatest chance of thunder squalls.


edit--for those unaware, the squalls associated directly with thunderstorms are a result of the convective air mass, which has been driven high into the atmosphere, falling back down through the middle as it cools up there, often with great velocity. This is why they will often be suddenly colder. They fall down through the middle, and spread outwards, so someone at a different point relative to the storm will have a totally different wind direction. This phenomonon, in is strongest form, is known as a downburst, and can be witnessed , in dry , open country, as a wall of dust expanding outwards from beneath a storm. Very dangerous for aircraft, the main reason why commercial airlines are very wary of landing or taking off during a passing storm. So, just because the wind is coming towards you, doesn't mean the storm is necessarily coming towards you.

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 very nasty indeed. certainly

Thu, 2018-10-11 13:17

 very nasty indeed. certainly would have been holding on tight. 

i have seen it virtually the other way round but change not quite as quick.

main tging you all got in safe 


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Thu, 2018-10-11 14:19


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Scary stuff

Thu, 2018-10-11 14:40

 Got caught in similar conditions on a deep drop trip out from point perron. Complete glass off light winds predicted all day had 2 drops in 350m and the wind shifted southwest and started too whitecap . The call was made to bail. 4.5 hrs later we sighted land! Couldn't  travel about 10knts.. We stopped to gather ourselves now that we new we were close, while waiting dropped a line over and bagged out on good dhu's. Ironic went miles out only to come all the way in to get our fish.. used 180 liters of fuel. Hard lesson learned!