Finally Nailed that Baldie

Headed out solo after 8:30 this morning after hitting my snooze button all morning and was one more snooze off cancelling.

Conditions were pretty choppy heading out with bit of swell and a southerly with lots of whitecaps and with no one else around I considered heading back in but stuck it out and the wind did drop off.

I sounded a couple of spots in the 28m mark and the sounder was dead even when I cranked the gain up and there was an abmismal bite to match for the first 10 drifts. I lined up the best looking bit of ground and got a flattie off the back. Went around again and got a good hit and some serious head shakes so not a dhu and it had power for it's weight. Pulled up my first size baldie and had him hooked by the skin of the roof of his mouth so very lucky.

Next drift felt a big gulp and hooked up, few short runs and called it for the dhu I was after but pulled the hooks mid fight. Did the same on a suspected good sized snapper off the back of the lump.

Few more drifts for some Sgt Bakers, undersize snapper and a cat shark and decided to head in before the wind picked up again.

Good to get one in before the ban!


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 well done. couple of nice

Sat, 2018-10-06 14:35

 well done. couple of nice feeds there. pity you lost the big ones. plenty of small pinks around 


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 Well done Frosty, I was in

Sat, 2018-10-06 15:30

 Well done Frosty, I was in the land of nod thismorning. I think you know why 


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