Funny Tackle shop yarn!

Ok heard this one yesterday while waiting to pick up the young feller from the tackle shop.

One of his work colleagues from the tackle shop likes to dive for crays and spear the odd fish.

Lets just say the guys name is 'Courtney'...and he works at scrotally trialed! ;o)

Anyway - he arrives at his choice cray lump to find a couple old guys already anchored there, berleying to fish...

Asks if it'd be Ok to dive the lump? - and is advised - we're burleying already & we'd prefer if you don't scare away our fish - whatabout dive somewhere else? or come back after we've gone?

So - he anchores 50 meters away and dives anyway!

About 10 mins later the dudes in the boat - see bubbles commin up all round the boat - you guessed it the blokes are under their boat getting their crays!

Anyway - while down there he sees a really realy big southern blue groper and, almost outta air - he shoots it with his spear gun.

All is looking good except when he pulls on the spear it comes out - and the big blue sorta struggles away injured! Too late - outta air - gotta go up..

So - he goes back to boat minus big blue groper - cussing and swearing!

Tells everyone at "Scrotally Trialled" how he lost this big Blue groper!

What he doesn't know - is the guys in the boat fishing, are regular customers of "scrotally trialled!" ;o)

After fishing is over without a lot to show for it since everythings been scared away - the two old guys are pulling the anchor - and see something a bit 'red looking' under the water a little distance away!

Once the anchors up they motor over for a looksee, to find a huge blue groper with it's swim bladder extended swimming in circles!

So they gaff it and take it home to eat!

It has a hole in it where the spear pulled out!

So - they go in to the tackle shop to tell everyone of their great "catch" while "Courney's" on his day off!

So - when he gets back to work (which likely mighta been today!) EVERYONE in town almost (except him) knows about his Big Blue Groper and who got to eat it! ;o)

There is some justice in life - sometimes! ;o)


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Comes around

Tue, 2006-03-14 09:07

What comes around goes around I suppose!

Just out of interest, what tackle store does your son work at?


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lol great tale

Tue, 2006-03-14 17:49

lol great tale

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That depends Adam!

Tue, 2006-03-14 18:33

what tackle store does your son work at?

Thats all depends I guess Adam...most folks know it as 'totally wild tackle & camping' in Mandurah, but I did notice one cheeky wag of a wholesaler addressed a package to them the other day adressed to "scrotally trialled tackle & camping!"... ;o)

I guess the courier driver would a got a chuckle!