Furuno power cable

 Hey guys just wanted some advice on what cable to use to power up a furuno 295?

Thanks in advance 

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 Curious of that myself . I'm

Sat, 2018-04-14 03:38

 Curious of that myself . I'm wondering if you can use the same cable as the transducers because I have a heap of that after my tranies got stolen. It looks the same as the furuno power cable same diameter black rubber insulated cord with red and black wire through the centre with the noise reduction sheef . If that's the case I have about 24 meters of it Braydon if you want some.

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 Thanks heaps mate if thats

Sat, 2018-04-14 04:31

 Thanks heaps mate if thats the case i have heaps too. Its a shame about your tranies.


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 Brayden come out to my boat

Sat, 2018-04-14 06:19

 Brayden come out to my boat and have a look if you like or give Alex at Allmarine a cal and he will let you know what to use.

Looking at the cables on my 295 they all look the same for the transducers and power


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Sat, 2018-04-14 10:08

Are you hard wiring it in the boat or removable in a cradle?

From memory it is only a 4amp max draw so doesnt actually need anything too heavy.

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 Thanks walfootrot i will

Sat, 2018-04-14 11:13

 Thanks walfootrot i will make some calls. Tim it will be hard wired. 

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Sat, 2018-04-14 11:27

Doesnt need to be anything fancy then.

My 295 is was originally wired up by Taylors using a power cable from a TZ screen and worked fine.

I have rewired it using a 10 core multi cable I got from Taylors as well as mine has plugs to be removable. Also gives me nmea in and out for linking with my GPS.

Have just doubled up 2 wires on +ve and -ve to give it extra current carrying capacity.

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 Thanks tim i will give

Sat, 2018-04-14 12:10

 Thanks tim i will give Taylor's a call Monday