G'Day and Thanks

 G'Day All,

Thanks for the ad.

I promised to update my profile and have now done so after picking up my new purchase. Fair to say I'm pretty excited.

Iggy is a Seafarer V-Sea 5.0 with a 90 Etec, Simrad Evo 2 (9" touchscreen). Iggy is basically ready to go but there are a couple of very minor additions I will be adding such as bimini rocket launchers and an anchor recovery clip on ring/bouy.

I usually head out near Rotto with my mate on his boat but it will be nice to go out with him and not have to refuel on the water.

Now I will sell my Valiant so as to not use her for towing and launching so if you know of anyone wanting a classic car that runs, looks and drives a treat please let me know.


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 congrats on the new

Sun, 2018-06-10 14:39

 congrats on the new purchase. does it have clears or just whats there. its a bugger hav ing to sell the valiant . oh well such is life. get out there and enjoy


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let the good times roll

Sun, 2018-06-10 17:12

Congrads on the new rig it looks like just the ticket to get you onto some good fish, just out of curiosity what was the valiant, I was an old pacer man myself and have many fond memories of the early Sunday morning adventures in it.

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Cheers Lads

Mon, 2018-06-11 07:50

Thanks lads,

The Val is a 1966 VC

Yeah FF clears for front and sides, There isalso a running cover for the motor as well as full travelling cover for both the donk and boat.


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Anyone Else Got One?

Mon, 2018-06-11 20:30

 Just thought to ask if anyone else has one here?

If yeah any comments would be appreciated.

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