Giving my boat 'Purple Patch' a bit of TLC.

 I've had my Sea Rider for about 10 years now, and the only real dollars spent on her was a new 250 Zuke back in 2012.


I thought it time to spend some coin and give the ole girl some attention.

First was taking the deck off, and removing both tanks. Rewelded one small crack in front tank, cleaned and pressure tested both to make sure they are ok.


Pressure cleaned the inside of the hull, and replaced all the hoses.

Gives me confidence when seeing solid welds along the hull reinforcing too!



Next was a colour upgrade: The old purple colour was significantly faded (Any red based colour fades faster than others!), so decided on a deep grey.


During Painting: 

New Paint Completed:

 (Also had the painter apply a coat of black anti-fouling on hull.)


Next was something I'd been thinking about for years but never got around to: A shade canopy over the deck.

Took it to an aluminium welder in Mandurah: PJ's and he welded it all up for me.

I didn't want corner posts, as they get in the way whilst fishing, so  decided on 2 rear uprights as shown to give it stability.

Also used 38mm pipe for greater rigidity to frame.

I made the cover up at work, and saved a few shekkels! 

Incorporated in the framework was a new bait board between the rear uprights.



Next on the list was grinding off all the old rivets, bubbled ali rust spots etc, then a bit of bog, and a buff and touchup respray where required.

Also welded on a 25x25mm angle to the front dash so the sunnies and gear stopped falling to the deck every time we went ovewr a decent swell.

Only a little modification, but a bloody frustration every trip when it wasnt done!



I still have to get the stickers done for the sides with the name etc, but that'll happen in a few months.

I intend to reproduce the Original SEA RIDER stickers for both sides to keep that original integrity look.

I'll add the name and image to the front on both Port and Starboad sides.


She's not yet completed, but I'm happy with progress.

I reckon she's got some great lines, and as I've always been happy with the way she performs on the water, its good to see her look good out of the water too!


 I re-launched her on the weekend just to get her wet again - now cant wait for a fishing trip!








I just love Exmouth: Its a quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem!

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 Awesome work Browny, love

Mon, 2020-02-24 05:37

 Awesome work Browny, love the boat renno posts 


Love the West!

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 She looks good mate ,done a

Mon, 2020-02-24 06:16

 She looks good mate ,done a real  good job there you'll love having the shade over the back deck now 


 Happy dayz 

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Nice Job

Mon, 2020-02-24 10:47


Nice Job Browny looks the goods mate,

Will be an extra special feeling when you land the first fish after the all the work you have done.



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Yeah Good mods, canopy looks

Mon, 2020-02-24 12:31

Yeah Good mods, canopy looks mint for both the hot and drizzle days!

The sunnies and gear rolling of the dash...wouldn't be many who don't go through that frustration..

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Hard Top?

Mon, 2020-02-24 12:35

I have a 7.5m Sea Rider with a hard top, but with full fully enclosed. How do you find your set up? I figure if you are going to have a hard top you might as well stop the water getting in. Boat looks great by the way.

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Hey mate she looks the

Mon, 2020-02-24 14:34

Hey mate she looks the business. What length is this one? 

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 Sea Riders are a great boat

Mon, 2020-02-24 20:43

 Sea Riders are a great boat and still in high regard and snapped up quickly on the used market.Even though they have been out of the market a long time.

For those wondering Steve/Searider has been working for/building Coralines for the last 10 years.

Nice work and hope the boat gives you many more years of good use.

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 Thanks for comments all!@

Mon, 2020-02-24 21:34

 Thanks for comments all!

@ Brock O : I'd been thinking how to do the canopy for a while so it didnt hinder too much, so decided on the 2 rear stay arrangement. Also made sure the canopy framework was just inside the line of the gunnels, so that rods can be raised vertically without hitting the framing.

@ West Coast : I did price up installing new full height windows, but price was too high I thought. (circa $6k-$7k - wouldnt give me an exact price.) SO I'll live with the half height as she is and just make some new clears up in the factory at work. I made some clears for her when I first purchased her, and I'll make a new set out of the charcoal Japanese clear PVC soon.

@ Separate Knob: Plate says 6.5, but next to a mates' newer boat that is also 6.5m, she's a fair bit longer. I think they use to be measured internally full length to get overall measurement. Nowdays measured externally from bow to base of transom on diagonal. SOmeone may know this for sure, and happy to be corrected if wrong. (Measured this way, its 7.2m)

@ Nelly: I'd heard that Steve had been the manufacturer of the Sea Riders, and that Jackman was the hull designer. You can really tell that he's involved with Coralline now as the deep reverse chine they have is almost an exact replica of whats on the Sea Riders.

I think on a post on this site a few years back, someone suggested Steve only produced 10-12 boats a year, so they dont come on the market very often.


Anyway, thanks all for interest, and I'll up date when more progress is made.

(Although hopefully a fishing piccy in between and soon!)





I just love Exmouth: Its a quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem!