Gnaraloo Station in May

 Hi All

I will be heading up to Gnaraloo station for the first time with a few mates in May and was hoping some of you might have some tips or pointers for targeting some good fishing up there. I will be towing up my 6m Shark Cat and would love to get onto some gamefish if possible.

I am quite new to boating in WA so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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 Best month of the year

Sat, 2018-01-13 06:06

 Best month of the year generally speaking as far as the wind goes Charl, watch out when there is swell coming in and out of the bay....


Its like shooting fish in a barrell up there so you can't go wrong provided you get em past the sharks

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I'm there in May

Sun, 2018-01-14 13:08

 What date are you going I'm there on the 5th may for 2 weeks I have done Gnaraloo for the last seven years we are taking two boats more than happy to help you out with some info and some basic spots to get you started.

drop me a message and I'll give you a run down on what you need to be prepared for and about tackling the track

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Sun, 2018-01-14 15:30

 I did not know it but now I will be there in May too


just do it.

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 Hi AllSounds like we chose

Mon, 2018-01-15 08:00

 Hi All

Sounds like we chose the right time to go. Thanks for the posts I will definitely be in contact. Especially about the track, dont want the trip to be over before its started!!




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Hi Charl

Mon, 2018-01-15 08:19

 PM sent, talk soon.