the good old days

Just found this forum on fishwrecked it is a great 1 I lived in Karratha and Dampier for well over 30 years the stories and good times fishing diving and spearing up there would fill a book if I was to write one ,good to see spear fishing is alive and well there was a time when spearos were seen as evil even though it is the most ecologically friendly way to fish

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 We are still not all that

Sun, 2013-05-05 10:39

 We are still not all that liked by many and are still often ridiculed, but yes, most sustainable and environmnetally friendly way to get a feed of fish :)


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Hi Petermac,I was born in

Mon, 2013-09-23 14:43

Hi Petermac,I was born in Wickham and lived there from 77 to 89. Great place to grow up :-)

My father did a fair amount  of diving up there, even made a living out of it occasionally when Bill Miller (of Pt Samson fame) would buy fish!


Some fantastic stories and childhood memories doing extended stays on the islands there, I spear a bit myself now and am keen as to get back north for a few weeks to scope out some old ground.A pic attached, macs would have had to come close in those days, guns probably would not shoot as far and straight as they do now! :-)


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