Good to see Anzac spirit ( not )

Hundreds of fines for people parking in wrong spots. Due to lack of parking. Top stuff, remembrance day. Brilliant, no different to public holidays at ramps, top stuff rangers. Money, money. Well done.

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Wed, 2018-04-25 22:08

 City of Perth have pulled all the infringements they put out this morning.


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Good to here

Wed, 2018-04-25 22:19

Most disrespectible and un Australian thing , any person could do .

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Must have tried it on

Thu, 2018-04-26 07:05

To line Lisa Scafidi’s pockets even more with corrupt money.

that whole council is under the microscope and for good reason! So they should pull the fines from yesterday. They should also look at sorting out their internal staff misuse of taxpayer  money.