Government cray grab.

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OK here is my take on it for what its worth.

Rec 5% actual tonnage should not change.

This is due to it being linked to sustainable catch level rather than the reduced quantity being caught by commercial (6200T vs 8000T)

HOWEVER please note the following...

Commercial fishers have voluntarily held to the reduced tonnage for both commercial and environmental reasons.

We have ALL benefited from this, especially in the increased availibility of crays in close and year round.

Now, the government has decided that they can sell this part of the resource, and are packaging it in a way that is designed to divide all of us that have an interest in the resource.

Over the last few years, resource sharing has settled on a 5/95% share of the total catch.

Generally, this has been accepted by all stakeholders (rec/pro) and is the basis of the increased bag limits and longer season we ALL enjoy now

This move by the government to take control and sell the buffer that has been accumulated in the ocean is dangerous, and any rec who thinks "fuck em, it wont worry me" should think again.

Anybody who thinks they will be able to buy cheap crays, maybe should try buying baby formula...

"Divide and conquer", is a strategy that works on those who stupid enough to fall for it.

If you think commercial cray fishermen are your opponents then you have your eyes closed.
Til now, I pushed my viewpoint of solidarity on the lines that PEW/PETA and greenys were the opponents.
Few of us saw this coming, and its a suprise that the State Government would try this on.

Unite, and support opposition to this vague, whimsical proposition that has little detail or data to support the risks. 

Bear in mind also, that if the resource were to collapse from either pressure or environmental circumstances, it is us (Joe public taxpayer) who will liable to compensate no matter which party is in power at the time.

If you dont agree with what I am saying, then you should get off your ass and participate in the process by volunteering your time like a few of us here do.

Uninformed views and comments like we are seeing on Facebook at the moment WILL undermine the entire process and the resource itself.

Before you comment, please at least make the most rudimentary effort to confirm up your viewpoint.

Its like push starting a car, if one peabrain thinks its better to push it backwards while 2 are pushing it forwards, despite your best intentions you are just ass fking people who may be smarter than you.

Personally I care less that you disagree with me, and more that your uninformed viewpoint doesnt over ride good intentions.

Be informed BEFORE talking shit.



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Everyone's just winging it.


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Recs will stay at 5%

Wed, 2018-12-12 08:09

 Don't worry the rec share will stay at 5%, the 5% might just be a bit harder to catch once all the extra pots have been issued.

It is the pro's that have been screwed over. Once the government issues themselves the pots they will not be canceling them. So in working out the pro quota in any given year there will be an extra 12,000 pots to consider.

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Mmm be interesting

Wed, 2018-12-12 08:12

To see what the thomos have to say in cervantees.

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Mike Thompson talked on 720

Wed, 2018-12-12 14:44

Mike Thompson talked on 720 radio yesterday evening. Wasn't very happy as you could imagine. Was talking about putting together a campaign to stop the change.

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Wed, 2018-12-12 08:41

crays have good and bad years, just as any other agriculture. the last few years have been very good, but what goes up, must come down....

increasing TAC's during a bad year will no doubt damage future stocks.

I see this as the government trying to (will do) profit of a resource which should belong to the state.

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Here wwe go

Wed, 2018-12-12 23:22

Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.
WA inc is on the rise again IMO, governments should keep out of private enterprise commercial business. They should stay doing what governments are suppose to do, and that is to make the laws that keep everyone in step with what is good for those conducting a sound legitimate honest business that is sustainable and those who patronise that particular business, it's called the capital system.

When some of the Einstein new kids on the block want to engage with private enterprise they should leave the government service and take their chances the same as all people do when they go into business with their own money not the tax payers money. (repeat)