Grandchild training

Tie there favourite truck to closed face real . They soon learn how to reel truck in. Take them to local jetty . Don’t let them wipe hands on wooden jetty. Cost to much in lollies whilst pulling out splinters.

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That's gold !  

Thu, 2019-12-12 22:06

Looks like he's sucking on a pethadine stick on the couch ! 


 My wife understands why I clean my rods n reels in the shower....


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Great stuff

Thu, 2019-12-12 22:46

Now what's going to happen when he sees a haul pak and decides he'll give it a go.
Great pictures, with my grand kids I used to get our dog to play the part of the fish

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Bloody brilliant

Fri, 2019-12-13 05:28

Put a huge smile on my face  

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Brilliant LJ. Finishing the

Fri, 2019-12-13 05:45

Brilliant LJ. Finishing the week on a high after Fisheries thought they were in the Adventure World bumper boats earlier on.


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Very Good

Fri, 2019-12-13 08:17


Very Good LJ

Now we have Little Johnny

Little Andy

And Little Grandy

That must give you great enjoyment (except for the splinters) after a tough week

Well done mate.



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Missing one little sage

Fri, 2019-12-13 12:58

2 weeks ago . She is a cracker.

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 well done Lj .looks like he

Fri, 2019-12-13 18:59

 well done Lj .looks like he had a hreat time other than the splinters. you will have to teach him to wipe his hands on his pants like the rest of us do. 

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 That’s mint mate

Tue, 2019-12-17 20:01

 That’s mint mate