Gurnard Tool

just reading Hezzy’s encounter with a gurnard and just thought I’d show you what I use with them, this tool is just over 12” long, I made it from 316 stainless and glued on a handle. But as you can see, you can either push down on the hook, or pull up on the hook, keeps the pinkies out of the way. It started out as a welding rod.


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Gurnard tool

Wed, 2018-03-14 17:44


Yes, made heaps of these with a turned handle. They are great for removing hooks, and with a flick of the wrist, the fish fall straight off


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Great lookin tool. Must make

Wed, 2018-03-14 18:38

Great lookin tool. Must make one.



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Very similar to a "flattie flicker"

Wed, 2018-03-14 18:57

Saw them used in both Victoria and Tassie with good effect to avoid flathead spines  

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Better one

Wed, 2018-03-14 20:09

I have a better one, just give them the hook, they have earnt it and can keep it, after all they only cost 20-30 cents each and if you are getting a few of them then its a sign to move as you are on crap ground.

Been hit by them, cobblers, small stingrays and forktail catfish more times than I care to remember and the pain level doesn't get any less and cannot be buggered mucking about with them

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Wed, 2018-03-14 20:16

 I’ve used that tool on lots of different fish, from mackies to northwest blowies.


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We always used to keep them in NSW

Thu, 2018-03-15 12:39

 When I was a young bloke, drifting for flathead offshore, gurnard were considered good eating. just handle with care--but, as everything else we caught was a flathead, if it wasn't a ray of some kind, everything you handled had some risk. You blokes need to harden up 

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Thu, 2018-03-15 12:51

Caught literally thousands of them over the years and didn't take too long to work it out that the risk wasn't worth the rewards.

Couldn't any money for them in the markets so why bother keeping them, let them go and live another day