Has anyone using WFT strong braid

 Hi wondring if anyones got some feedback on using WFT strong 8 ply braid looks like might be ok for jigging thanks in advance

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 Dennis Verreet uses it for

Tue, 2017-04-04 12:00

 Dennis Verreet uses it for his LBG spinning and currently has the WR yellowfin off the rocks so it cant be that bad.

Have  heard a few people dont rate it tho

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Got it on two of my reels

Wed, 2017-04-05 07:21

It is nice and thin, but it's shite.  Wouldn't get any again.  Wears really quick with frays all the way along the casting length and wind-knots are common with it.

Thats my experience with it anyway.


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 Thanks for the replys

Wed, 2017-04-05 19:21

 Thanks for the replys