Heard on another site

 discussing Cray bait and someone said shore catch has closed down, anyone have more info


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 Yep went down 2 weeks ago

Tue, 2023-11-21 19:59

 Yep went down 2 weeks ago he's shutting his doors.

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Oh no! That's shithouse.Sorry

Tue, 2023-11-21 21:03

Oh no! That's shithouse.

Sorry to hear that Mick and thanks for the brilliant service and bait and in-store chinwags over the years.  

I still laugh that I let you call me Jack for a good 7 years before finally correcting you 


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Didn’t know..

Tue, 2023-11-21 21:27

That's a shame  .. yeah I got called 

pirate when I popped in .. cheers pirate 

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Thats a shame. It was a long

Thu, 2023-11-23 10:46

Thats a shame. 

It was a long way form my place so I never dropped in but i know he had a passion and its sad to see the market has killed another tackle store. 

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Within a short drive of my

Thu, 2023-11-23 14:07

Within a short drive of my place that's now Tackle HQ, Shorecatch and Tackleworld all gone since the new rules were brought in. Pretty sure that only leaves Castaway Tackle as the only local store left near me.

My bad... Hillarys Boat and Tackle is a ripper tackle store still going strong.


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 I've never got tackle or

Mon, 2023-11-27 11:44

 I've never got tackle or advice form them Frosty. They are good guys and really helpful with any boating needs.


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Not good seeing another small

Thu, 2023-11-23 16:14

Not good seeing another small business closing the door.  All these new regulations don't help at all but apart from bait a lot of people shop online these days .


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Thu, 2023-11-23 19:35

 I recall the posts showing the effort put in to jump through hoops and getting the business set up, hope he comes out the otherside OK.

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 This Labor government has

Fri, 2023-11-24 08:26

 This Labor government has really got some answering to do , if anyone votes for these clowns in 2025 they should seriously think about getting an IQ test they have  destroyed so many lively hoods and peoples recreation in this state since 

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 Terrible news, i would

Fri, 2023-11-24 10:50

 Terrible news, i would sometimes pop into the store mainly for the chat with mick, always great bait that accounted for some great fish for me. Last time I was in the shop things didn't seem the same. Haven't heard from mick on the forum lately either. Hope all is well outside of business. Sad times when small local businesses struggle while big chain stores have us by the nuts and are twisting


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