Help for first time fisher at ledge pt

Guys ,

heading to ledge for the upcoming long weekend.

Never fished there before and never really land fished much before.  (always fished frrom the boat)

What is on offer up there.

Do you need a beach rod or would bream gear do.

rigs sinker types  best baits etc..etc etc 


Much appreciate any info your willing to share.

Would be good to get the wife and 3year old into an enjoyable day on the beach catching something..



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There might be some weed

Wed, 2011-10-05 19:22

There might be some weed around there at the moment mate but try find a spot with out and send out a mullie on a gang hook attached to a tri swivel or dropper with a sinker on a beach rod and hopefully u will have some luck with the tailor worked for me last time up there


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There's a dickload of weed on

Wed, 2011-10-05 19:24

There's a dickload of weed on the beach and in the water at the moment (today) but will hopefully clear a bit for the weekend. Some nice dhuies in close today.