Hillarys bash

Went out late this morning with the wife for a bit of a bash... Was a good calm day, so the wife was a happy fisher...

Not much happening. Tried the placy's and bait and mixed it up... Tried to keep the burley trail going as we driffed along just behind 3 mile reef.

I started to get bored so decided to throw a whole mullie out on a ballon rig for a bit of a joke. Expecting a shark. (would keep me entertained but not so much the wife.... oh well)

Within 20 minutes the ballon was gone and picked up this stonker. 74cm. Dont have scale must get some cause there was a bit of weight in it.

Was just as surprised to see the number of cray legs that came out as I gutted him, considering how close we were.... 

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 Cool, how far off the bottom

Sat, 2017-04-15 08:32

 Cool, how far off the bottom was the bait? 

Very nice fish 


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 Was floating about 3m under

Sat, 2017-04-15 15:18

 Was floating about 3m under the surface. Little jig head hooked through the side of the head of the bait just to keep it down. 

Was in about 15m of water. 

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 nicely done

Sat, 2017-04-15 15:37

 nicely done


lucky i love to fish because i cant catch any.