Holiday trips

 For those planning on heading north for the Xmas holidays, please think seriously about not driving at night.

There are no shortage of roos from Carbla station turn off north past Edagee overnight caravan area so great care must be taken. Also word has it that they are in numbers the other side of Carnarvon as well.


The last thing we want is for someone to clean up a roo and stuff up your holiday plans completely just because you were impatient and tried to play chicken with them at night

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 I'm heading south next

Sat, 2020-12-12 19:37

 I'm heading south next Friday fingers crossed. I prefer to drive at night as everything runs cooler and smoother and way less people on the road. Have you guys got a 24hr diesel bowser? 


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Sun, 2020-12-13 18:48

 We usually open at 0630 but if someone is  waiting when we get in around 0530 we will serve them fuel and coffee and we close at 1800, done enough by then. If someone has booked in for a room we can fix them up if its not too late.

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 In all of the trips to

Mon, 2020-12-14 12:57

 In all of the trips to Exmouth and Onslow over the years, we almost never drive between dusk and dawn. Either stay at my wife's aunty's place in Gero and hit the road early or stay in Carnarvon and then head up the following day. Haven't hit anything in maybe 15 return trips. Just gives me some peace of mind that as Carnavonite says, we're less likely to stuff up our holiday plans that way.