Mite be moving to Hopetoun soon. Whats a good spot for beach fishing?

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Wed, 2011-03-23 20:29

Hi dilly, My family live in Ravensthorpe and i go there a few times every year.

No shortage of spot's to fish. The national park to the west has plenty of fishy water, try Miley's, West beach or Barren's.

To the east the is many reef's and lagoon's, you can take this road all the way to Starvation Bay and further.

The main problem down that way is the wind. Get a map of the area and pick a spot you can fish with some comfort.

Alway's take some burley to get the fish started, different times of the year change what you will catch.

If you like surfing you will be in heaven, many break's all to ya self.