Hopetoun Catches

Staying at my bro's in Hopetoun. Finally gave my almost 13y old his speargun licence and he nailed a decent occy. A family on the beach were going off their heads about it much to our great mirth bwahaha. 

Caught a bunch of 30-40cm black bream yesterday and raided brother's mate's dam today and caught some mutant yabbies today.

The squid has alluded us.... thus far.


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Well done to the youngster.

Fri, 2023-01-27 04:33

Well done to the youngster. Gotta start somewhere.  Them yabbies look to be a great size and damn tasty I bet


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 Well done to the young

Fri, 2023-01-27 09:18

 Well done to the young fella, now to turn the occie into a nice Dhufish or similar.The yabbies will make a good meal too.