Jetski insurance

 Hey guys I've recently purchased a second hand jetski to rig up for quick placcy bashes off the capes(Naturaliste-leeuwin) and was wondering what insurance company has the best coverage and bang for buck? I've used the search tab but the best info I could find was 6 years old.. cheers in advance for any advice

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 I found RAC the cheapest but

Wed, 2019-11-06 10:50

 I found RAC the cheapest but no idea how they will deal if I need a claim.  

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 I'm with rac for my boat.

Wed, 2019-11-06 10:58

 I'm with rac for my boat. (For nearly everything actually) The one boat claim I have made was assessed and handled fairly and quickly. 


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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Wed, 2019-11-06 17:51

 Just applied for a quote from rac and it said it will take 2 days... Club marine was instant and came in at $42 per month which is pretty good considering that includes $2mil pub liability and up to $10,000 worth of fishing gear! Rac only cover $500 for personal belongings but do have a few lil extra perks like fire cover and salvage cover which in my neck of the woods could be exy.... Mmmmm decisions