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just bought the spheros 14000 and was looking to get out for a bit of jigging action, could anyone please give some advise or pointers and if there are any fish aroud


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pm Kasey he is ob one of

Fri, 2007-09-28 21:42

pm Kasey he is ob one of jigging
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depends what you want to

Sat, 2007-09-29 05:52

depends what you want to catch.

I have not used bait since I moved to perth 18 months ago and have caught the following through a lot of hard work and learning to read a sounder and charts.
Dhuies - best 13.5kg
pinkies - rare but doable
squid - yes on metals not squid jigs - pretty common in 30+ meters
Yellowtail kings
Yellowfin Tuna - best 20kg
Bluefin Tuna - best 15kg
Striped Tuna

About a million Wrasse hence the sign in name.

I actually use mainly raiders and 30lb braid, just vary the weight depending on depth and current. I have much better hookup with the tail treble only compared to an assist(I think I am a bit weird on this one). I fish mainly 18-40m depths as deep jigging does not do a lot for me for demersals.

I can't help you out with big sambos if that is what you are chasing as it took me ages to catch one in close whereas most people I gather get them regularly.

Jigging is all about faith and persistence. I am lucky in that my deckie loves bait fishing so we always fish side by side one jigging and one bait fishing. Some days I clean up others he does but for the year we are pretty even.

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Sat, 2007-09-29 11:20

Get onto KC he's the gun .



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Sun, 2007-09-30 15:05

Maverick's done more hours jigging, caught more fish jigging, and started jigging way before I did. And there are many more people which come to mind in just Perth who I absolutely look up to and consider many many times better and achieved much much much more than myself. So why Mav is passing on to me, maybe he's just a little busy at the moment to type =P

I only write a little bit for some $$ to cover fishing costs, and sometimes people take vids of me doing it to post up, which I don't mind at all. Don't get me wrong though, this form of angling does get me excited, especially after a day like yesterday.

What you probably need to know is alot before you catch fish, unless it is at samsons, but maybe you will be lucky. you can try 200-300g in 60 or so metres of water, of course use braided lines, drifting very slowly over a spot with a nice school of fish on the sounder and jig through the school. If you want to fish shallower I think you might need lighter jigs, but line also plays a part due to thickness.

It is true, jigging is alot of hard work and mostly luck, but I think the right gear and technique helps alot too. there is alot more you can talk about, perhaps you can go to some established tackle shops and talk to the staff in the know about jigging, there they can guide you through the gear and give you direct feedback.

yes and you need to have faith and persist! good luck