Jigging Line WX8

After the failure of 4 thread weave PE3 I went looking for some metered 8 thread weave PE4.

Couldn't find anyone on the www who sold it so just asked a Japanese tackle shop (blind) if they could supply me.

Found entirely by surfing the net Akihito Marunouchi was VERY helpful and even tho they didn't stock the line, were happy to source it from the manufacturer and mail it on to me half a world away!

I cannot speak highly enough about their most helpful service, I recommend them to everyone who requires high quality service supplying Japanese equipment.


The line - well its the very best jigging line I've used to date - bar none!!
Smooth as silk (smoother) well up to the claimed breaking strain, and easily knot-able with a bimini.
My Z4500 Saltiga took 200metres and 30metres of 50dacron backing to fill, perfect.