Jigging Master Sabre Game

Used a mates PE3 jigging outfit a little while back - rod was a Jigging Master Sabre game (spinning).
Great rod and was stunned when he told me it was ~$200.
Really had my heart on buying one myself but it seems the local JM dealers (eg. Oceanside) no longer stock JM. Then turned to some of the local online JM dealers (eg. Fish Head) but as luck would have it, the model is not in stock and they have no expected date as to when they will next (if ever) have it back.

I now find myself looking at international sellers, but freight is almost same price as rod and if I am spending up to $400 (which I don't plan to) then I may as well buy the next tier up and from a local supplier.

Anyway looking for some advice. Is there another JM option I have missed or failing that, a similar alternative. Thanks a lot.


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tackle hq used to stock some

Thu, 2015-05-28 09:56

tackle hq used to stock some of the jm's

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PM sent

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PM sent

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 Mate try beverlyhills bait

Thu, 2015-05-28 14:38

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