Jigging rod for super deep

 Hi all.


Looking for recommendations on a jigging rod suited to dropping big jigs in depths ranging from 200-400m from those who have had some success doing so.

Am a bit game and was planning on using a Stella 10k with a 14k spool loaded with a high breaking strain p.e.4 braid.  I have a Stella 20k with a spare spool if people think i'm being too ambitious with a Stella 10k.




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Oceans Legacy

Sun, 2020-02-16 06:34

 Have a look at the Oceans Legacy range, getting some great reviews and very well priced 

I have just bought an overhead version pe4, thats yet to be tested in the deep



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So, i ended up looking at

Thu, 2020-03-12 09:17

So, i ended up looking at some Oceans Legacy rods, and the Elementus range appears to fit the brief, albeit with a minor problem.... they are only available in OH configuration.

I had a play with the OH versions at my tackle shop, and the blanks feel awesome.  Rick, i'm guessing your PE4 rod is an Elementus.

A few enquiries made via Ocean Legacy's Facebook page revealed there will be spin versions released in a few months.  I think my mind is made up....





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Thu, 2020-03-12 23:20

yes mate mine is oh model. Great value for money  


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I would use

Tue, 2020-03-24 19:25

 Overhead instead if spin somthing like a talica 12  as its much easier winding great lengths with overhead then spin.


Line  i use pe 2.5 to pe 3 for deep stuff 200 to 500m but would not need to go pe 4 if you plan to slow pitch these depths.


As for rod doesnt really matter which brand etc etc main thing is make sure the rod is comfy for you as your holding it for a long time i use a posiden slow jerker a temple reef levitate and a oceans legacy elementus. And i use jigs between 400 to 900 grams


Good luck with your rod selection i hope this helps a bit 


wont catch em sitting at home!