Hey All


Looks like have finally made up the minds about Kalbarri replacement due to the flooding river.

looks like we are going up Jurien Greenhead way

have never really fished up there from beach or boat, just wondering if anyone has hint and tips not after your secret spots or anything.

but just like what depths and stuff like that


Thanks in advance all

Tight lines all 

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 We fished 3 days over new

Sat, 2018-01-20 21:06

 We fished 2 days over new yrs out of green head for alot of wrasse, undersized breaksea and 1 sized dhu. 1 day off jurien inside the islands for the same.

Only fished to max 15mt inside the droppoff due to weather, was told by a local the dhu was lucky on the inside and more action further out. 

hope that helps

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 We fished greenhead last

Sun, 2018-01-21 08:56

 We fished greenhead last year for 2 days.

Both days bagged out easily with no spots.

There is ground in close but we headed out bout 16 mile. 40s 50s 60s there is plenty of ground.