kalbarri in dec

any body know what kalbarri is like in the middle of dec (apart from hot)...what spots to hit and if its worth goin on a charter or is the river better....anything would appreciated

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Sat, 2006-11-11 18:01

If your lucky the Tuna or Mackeral may be around early. Otherwise I allways hit the cliffs as the suns coming up and get into snapper up to 6kg. But the cliffs get hit pretty hard so you may need to explore a bit. My moto is the harder it is to get to the better the fishing will be.But be carefull on those cliffs as theyve claimed a lot of lives. I speak from experience as Ive fallen off them myself. The river mouth is always good for Mullaway fishing and monster tailor at the right times.Best bet is to not limit your self to a certain type of fishing and try out the cliffs beach and river and you should pick up a good feed eitherway. PS cant help with charter never tryed them in Kalbarri but from what Ive heard there really good.

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Kal in Dec

Sun, 2006-11-12 09:07

Have fished Wagoe/Kalbarri in Nov and spent 7 days in a 16+ knot southerly. Places we found with a bit of shelter were Pot Alley, a good chance of a pinkie, and the beach just down from red bluff caravan park, great for tailor and sharks. Always worth a look at the charter when it pulls in as they clean their catch on the shore and you can judge if its worth it or not.

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Just got back from Kalbarri

Sun, 2006-11-12 12:12

Plenty of pinkies around from the rocks and Tailor from the surf. Also heard reports of some decent Mulloway being brought in from Chinamans at night. Guy next to us went on a charter and picked up a couple of baldies and some good sized pink snapper.

Smashing some mulies on the rocks and letting the surf take them out as berley at Wittecarra worked a treat. Wind picks up in December.

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Sun, 2006-11-12 18:54

Wagoe 8/11/06 27 mulloway caught 25 released, North of lucky bay pink snapper as well
steve/The 9 guys arrrived back y/day


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