Kayaking Hamelin Bay

 Hi guys heading down to hamelin bay start of march. never been before so any help would be appreciated. what do i expect to target and what gear would I need?



Also anyone gonna be down there??

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Last time i kayaked Hamelin

Mon, 2012-05-07 10:00

Last time i kayaked Hamelin Bay i was with 3 other mates chasing salmon, we got a few while the schools were there, we were being mortared by rigs and lures from the people fishing from shore as they made there way up the beach following the school. After that we went in and filleted our catch, we headed out again with more shit on a kayak than needed as usual but there was nothing around, it has been sprinkling all morning so we were soaked but thats to be expected when yak fishing and we didnt care, we were paddling south towards the boat ramp about 100 m from shore when my mate yelled out "boys...school" we got a bit excited then "fuck its a shark" we all froze took our paddles out of the water and watched as it swam passed us, our kayaks are about 2.2 m in length and it was bigger than us, way bigger than us, but he was out numbered, he was heading around to Boranup where people were surfing. We fished a little while longer but knew if there were sharks around the salmon wouldnt be then Dunga tried using an empty panadol wrapper on a set of gangs as a lure, but will tell u about that next episode...

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Mon, 2012-05-07 20:51

Go south of the island and you won't have any trouble with the beach anglers chucking lures etc at you. There are plenty of bommies , deep channels  and more chances to get on to other fish than salmon.

With the breeze usually coming from SW it gives you a comfortable ride home

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Hamilin bay

Tue, 2013-04-09 12:51

 Yea, that's what I was thinking

 I hope to hamilin bay - kayaking first week of school holidays

really hope salmon are still strong then.( only 2 weeks away)

anyone else down there then?