Keen to fish Jurian Bay

Hello all,

Been in WA for a couple of months on a "working holiday" ( more holiday than work after getting "shafted" ).

Loving the South West. Have fished whereever I could get a go. Busselton Jetty, got snook, herring. No luck with tailor though.

LOVED Salmon Beach. Got my first ever Salmon down there and am hooked!! Ended up with 5 fish over 50cm, biggest 58cm. Had a ball on a 6 foot telescopic rod and 2500 reel. Great fun!!.  Unfortunately I no longer have that rod and reel after it was washed from rocks at Albany as I went to attend to a surf rod that appeared to have a decent fish on......turned out to be a huge lump of seaweed, and on turning around I saw my favourite little rod being dragged away by what i assume was another clump or weed. B$%$#ARD !!!  Sad to see it go too.....Sorry, getting a bit emotional again :) Even got 4 good herring on a 40gm chromey.

Harvey can have that !!  Paid $40 for a bloody licence and didn't even see a "boil" rorm a fish.....not even bloody Redfin.

Unfortunately , due to the job stuff up, we had to come down this way earlier than expected, so will miss the salmon schooling, and we are starting to head north tomorrow.

We have 2 1/2 weeks to go from Perth up to near Denham, so keen to hear of the best places to landbase fish up there. Not good enough ( brave enough) to do cliff stuff though...  .  Thinking of stopping off in Jurian bay and Kalbarri on the way up , so if anyone can help with advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone has any "must see" things up that way, would love to hear of them.


Many thanks,

and look forward to more posts.

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 have a look in the search

Thu, 2012-03-22 05:36

 have a look in the search section. there is plenty of info available for jurien and many other spots up the coast. good luck with the fishing and im sure you will have some fun. pity about the work cutting short tho, now you have more time to fish 


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No probs. Thanks for the

Thu, 2012-03-22 08:05

No probs. Thanks for the reply. Been reading through the forums for a while now. Lots of good info and advice in here alright.

Dissappointed about missing the salmon run, but hoping to get into some quality fish up North.

Loved the Pemberton area and would like to go back down there during winter after the rains.

Thanks again

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back to perth ?

Thu, 2012-04-12 23:23

hi, have you back to Perth yet ?

I really interesting in fishing, but never catch anything  yet

if you back already, let me know if you go fishing anytime, i would like to join

im will be at work from 3PM to 8:30PM everyday



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Find the beach In Jurien just

Fri, 2012-04-13 21:15

Find the beach In Jurien just before you enter the town (south) where the road just falls away into the ocean. Cant remember the street name but we smashed about ten solid tailor in a couple of hours last time we were there.