With the demersal ban on, its time to switch the focus to Kgs and whiting and crayfish. Took my boy out last weekend and he caught his fisrt KG. Stoked!!. 48cm. Nice fish. seems to be plenty around at the moment. Bought a new outfit from Ryan at Oceanside the other day. 4000fb Rarenium matched with Ab u Garcia Salty Stage Rod. Dont know if he has any left, but absolute weapon! 

Great to have some good weather - roll on Summer!!.

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 Nice KG, great stuff. I got

Sun, 2017-11-05 18:23

 Nice KG, great stuff. I got a few Rarenium's recently, omne of the few Shimano small reels that have a low gear ratio that makes them great for light jigging.  Basically a Stradic CI4 with proper gear ratio. 


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 nice kg. always nice to get

Sun, 2017-11-05 18:24

 nice kg. always nice to get your first. did he eat it or did you score some of it for youself 


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Sun, 2017-11-05 18:57

 He ate most of it , but i got a bit and some nice sand whiting also . Hard to beat for a good feed with the demesal ban in place.

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 He'll be hooked on KG's now,

Mon, 2017-11-06 09:47

 He'll be hooked on KG's now, well done



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Good one

Mon, 2017-11-06 10:24

 good stuff mate , great to see the young ones enjoying a fish. 

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good catch

Mon, 2017-11-06 13:44

good catch