Number 13 - the unlucky number

Im not a superstitious person but on this full moon tonight at the jetty i had it already in my mind that it would be hard to land a barra. Larry was already down there who i would now call my fishing buddy, we had fished together in the recent weeks and would help each other out taking in turns catch live bait, many times he had seen me walk away with a barra and not usually come home empty handed.

I feel like i am a keen fishermen but Larry is next level regularly putting in 8 hours a day for four days a week.

He explained to me it had been his dream to catch his first legal barra.

After weeks of trying finally his time was tonight the barra grabbed his livie leapt into the air throwing its head in that iconic way that barra do with guidance on how to prevent the fish from stopping on hitting the pylons, i ran down to the water edge on the rocky platform and guided the fish in just as a i had in in my hands the hook fell out but with my finger lodged well and truly in its mouth there was no way i was letting this fish go.

With a few high 5s and even a hug thown in it was a fantastic moment that i know will be cherished forever.

I myself lost 5 barra in a row and just as a i had given up i dropped my last live bait in the water and finally managed to land one and get past that unlucky 13!


Stay salty

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Nice work

Sun, 2017-11-05 08:58

Nice work all round.


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Winners are grinners

Sun, 2017-11-05 21:43

And that smile of yours says it all, great going with the hand work.