knot strengths and drag pressures

just had an eye opener

testing my braid to leader to jig breaking strain. i'm running 30lb braid and consistently i'm getting around 29lbs before failiure.

just ran the line through the rod to see how much pressure i was exerting on a biggie that bust me off the other weekend.

jig force hearty rise 1.5 to 3 and a stradic 4000.

i thought i was putting out a bit more drag pressure, with the cap screwed down tight , i was lucky to see 5kg. Surprised (pressure was slowly applied)

and fighting the big bugger , i was prob only using 3 kg's though it was still smoking the drag.

(i suppose at least i know i can lock up the drag and give it some)



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The thing is with braid, is

Sun, 2010-09-19 17:01

The thing is with braid, is that its usually over-rated to compensate for crappy knots =)