Landbased near Port Kennedy

Hi guys,

getting dragged to a lunchtime do down in port kennedy.

anyone got some ideas on where to fish and what i should be chasing?

Probably fishing from 2-5pm on an outgoing tide... (not the best i know)

i can see port kennedy drive goes to a point, but looks 4wdy.

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Thu, 2008-08-14 14:30

Down at long point of the beach is good for tailor.
Drops of quickly and you can pick up some nice tailor.
Park in the top carpark and walk. Just use unwieghted mulies
on a gang. Hope that helps.



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Not sure how you will go for

Thu, 2008-08-14 16:56

Not sure how you will go for tailor down there at the moment, might be a bit early? But can ussually get a feed of herring down there. Ive also caught some good KG and sand whiting and the odd skippy.

I try to drive out to the point, i seem to have the most luck there with skippy but i guess it does need some type of 4wd. My subaru forrester goes alright out there. There must be some small reef out at the point i reckon, i have been meaning to snorkle around and check it out. If it's windy, i just park at the main carpark as Rodrat said and throw mullies and squid around.  

Good luck!



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