Lithium Batteries

So I’m making the switch to Lithium for the house battery for the Caribbean.

Its a minefield of black boxes claiming to be of a capacity but anywhere from 80-50% of that is actually delivered.

I've spend hours of time researching (onsite) all of the lower priced brands and settled on EnerCore. They are an Australian business and design and service the batteries here. 3 years warranty. 100amp continuous discharge, 12kg total weight. They also are cutting out the nonsense of the lithium guessing game by providing the battery in a clear case so you can see exactly what you are getting.

You can buy them from a few places but rollingcart have a $100 off back Friday special ongoing so they are under $500 each. Code: BLACK2021

Few reviews seem positive about them with decent capitiy tests.

I have no links to either of these business but thought i would share my learning on the cost effective lithium market.

I'll report back once i have it installed/setup!

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 Did you look at the lithium

Tue, 2021-11-23 13:01

 Did you look at the lithium battery wholesaler ones? That's the one I'm leaning towards being a WA company and having great specs. 


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DCS as mentioned below.

Tue, 2021-11-23 18:37

Thier gear is good and certinally gets lots of credit/fans from the 4x4 comunitity. I am shopping at a different price point for a house battery application only. I can't justify the $1400 price point for a fridge/stereo/sounder/lights battery. $500 was managable. As long as it lasts 40% of the DCS I'm even!

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 DCS Lithium in my tub as

Tue, 2021-11-23 15:36

 DCS Lithium (Aussie made) in my tub as they have the ability to crank with 1000Lca (lithium cranking amps)

Also there not prismatic cells that can fail due to barrier break down.

Can also be mounted under bonnet or engine bay as there stable up to 180 degrees

Bluetooth BMS as well 

4 year warrinty

Pricey but bullet proof.

Bought 2 and no longer have any lead acids on my tub with a saving of 40kgs and 200amphours to use on the travel oven and beer fridge.

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 Dcs is an aussie company but

Tue, 2021-11-23 17:07

 Dcs is an aussie company but their batteries are made in China the same as all the rest of them. 


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The pricing is def getting

Wed, 2021-11-24 07:39

The pricing is def getting down to an affordable level. How much are we currently looking at for cranking batteries as the ones I've found are still in excess of $1k and I'd love to be able to get 30kg out of the stern of my rig.


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