Looking for a boat 17-19ft range - fibreglass - used for diving and fishing - $25k budget - pref 4 stroke

Hey guys if you know any boats for sale that fit the subject criteria i would love to know about it :)

Cant be a run about as im 6'4 and the low steering kills me 

Let me know, cheers! 

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 there was a baron in wangara

Sun, 2018-11-11 20:42

 there was a baron in wangara for 20 odd thousand with a 130 honda on it and an ali pod extention


i went to have a look at it, would be a pretty good dive boat if you spent a bit of time working on it. 

 decided to spend the extra money on my penguin rather than getting a bigger boat





may have sold by now


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How was it?

Sun, 2018-11-11 21:04

 I spoke to the bloke. I was a bit turned away as his mate was doing some “welding” on the Honda and other services. 


How was the pod construxted? He converted from inboard to outboard 

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 yeh converted from inboard

Sun, 2018-11-11 21:19

 yeh converted from inboard to outboard... pod built by marine line 

install of the pod was not to bad except for some minor things i noticed, wastn 100% flat the back of the boat/transom... pretty hard to acomplish mind you, but would need some attention strait away... they were painting some parts for the honda when i was there, minor stuff

and the cabin smelt like fuel, but they did say he re installed the tank and cleand it all thats why it was a bit fuely


other than that would be alot of boat for that amount of money if you kept on top maintenance that is


also trailer is pretty good and is eyebeam, heavy ass rig so something to think about if you intend on beach luanching