Looking for a good spot between freo and rocky ?

 Hi im looking to head out tomorrow morning and target tailor as i havnt yet got one.

Im confused as the most successful set up to hook up , as a friend is swearing floating as "tailor attack from beneath their prey" and reading countless people saying weightless mullie or lures 

If anyone has had more luck at a particular spot on a certain set up could you please give me a shout .. i have tried mullies on a running sinker , off the bottom , balloon , squidgeys and metal slices with no luck .. are the stick lures any good from your experience ? 

Any advice much appreciated cheers Kev

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 Kev, Tailor are an

Fri, 2014-06-27 06:43

 Kev, Tailor are an aggressive fish which will eat a variety of baits or lures if they are on the hunt. Pending on where you are fishing determines what style you should use. If you can find a close in shore reef from the land to cast towards without getting snagged is always a bonus, they love to sit underneath white wash then ambush their prey from underneath some cover. Or in turn any gutter system along the coast is a great tailor spot as well. Baits to use can range from Mullie, squid, herring fillets, garfish ( for big tailor), tailor fillet, whiting. The most common beach set up would be the patanoster set up with a size 4 star sinker and some gang hooks. If ya find a inshore reef early early morning or on dusk you can throw poppers ( weather depending, swell etc ). You can use unweighted baits with a single gang hook set up but again that depends on location. 

Good luck mate, research feeding habits and location on the internet for tailor. Heaps on info. In regards to spots ,, penguin island, long point, all along the coast you will find tailor.

I'm surprised no one has posted some info for you to give you a hand. 

Have be a good one 

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Gooders, thanks for sharing.

Fri, 2014-07-04 17:47

Gooders, thanks for sharing. That's awsome information.