Looking for a new rod

Looking for a replacment rod, lost the tip off the last one...dont ask....

Have been thinking about the nitro baby viper, was wondering if any of you have used one and if it is a good choice or if you would suggest anything else.

Dont intend to buy another rod for a while so I will say the budget is open. Looking to run either a sol II 4000 on it or a stella 5000 swb once it arrives.

Want something that will handle snapper dhu and the odd YTK / sambo but still be soft enough to pick up biggeer KG's if possible.

Need it to be a off the shelf item in one of the many shops in perth as it will be coming to Exmouth with me after easter

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 In my opinion the baby viper

Mon, 2013-03-25 21:11

 In my opinion the baby viper would be way too light for a 4000 sol/stella 5000. I'd either look at beefing up the rod or downsizing to a 3000 sol/4000 stella. If you can strech the budget to $379~ you can get a samurai 402 which is rated 10-20lb (good allround rod) which will handle all the mentioned above. A G-loomis SJR 844 should fit in the same bracket if I remember correctly too. Are you set on that 7' sort of length? 
If you're mainly going to do boat work, it might pay to go a little bit shorter. 

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 How about the 7'2" 15-30lb

Mon, 2013-03-25 21:21

 How about the 7'2" 15-30lb terez? I've got a 5k ci4 rarenium on mine and it's caught all the fish you mention except the sambos/ytks. Think there's one in the for sale section if you wanted to go second hand otherwise from memory they're around $300-$330 new. Good rods I really like mine. 

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Flangies, Like the 7' range

Mon, 2013-03-25 21:34

Flangies, Like the 7' range as they twitch a softy a lot nicer and Im on a Yak so would like to be able to get around the nose if possible, its a PA12 so she isnt the smallest of boats. Would you say the Viper from the nitro range then? In all honesty I have 25lb line on the sol and will probably put the same on the stella. So a 10 to 20 would probably be more suitable - However I tend to like a lighter rod and very rarely do I ever crank the drag any more so the line isnt gonna worry me and I think the whole ballance argument is bs with how light gear is now...

Im not worried about the coin, honestly if someone was to say this is $750 but its the best rod I have ever seen..... I would look at it.

I am more just interested in what everyones opinion is on the matter. I like the sound of the Nitros based on the aussie made thing and the videos of them are awesome, however I also believe samurai are great too - Never held one.

I have not looked at the Terez yet but will see how they feel in the hand. On the boats Feral and I play with big fish on the Fairy wands (PE1) so I dont see why a light ro wont work on the Yak too.


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I would definitely recommend

Mon, 2013-03-25 21:48

I would definitely recommend the viper then, it has plenty of balls down low and the graphite they use is top quality. They come with an expeditor warranty in that if you break it for whatever reason, you pay $80 and get a new section no questions asked. The samurais also come with the same warranty scheme, however, they are $160~ from memory. The Nitro isn't aussie made though unfortunately, just an 'aussie brand'. Not many rods are made in aus anymore. 

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Not aussie made is a ball

Mon, 2013-03-25 21:55

Not aussie made is a ball breaker.

What else would you throw in the ring with the Nitros then mate....Im all ears...

Are the samurais as good or better? Name my rod - thats readily available LoL

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 Saltiga Dorado 70S in the

Tue, 2013-03-26 10:05

 Saltiga Dorado 70S in the for sale section nice seven foot rod for those sized reels