Lowrance 12 Live

 Hi! I am thinking of buying a Lowrance 12 live. does anyone have an oppinion on them?  Also an anchor winch for a 6M Assassin all comments welcome Thanks


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I wish.....

Mon, 2020-11-23 16:37

 I could afford 1...

I currently run a Gen 1 HDS7 and a Simrad NSS& Evo2.

Both earlier versions of the LIVE....

I find it amazing that there are BIG improvements over the early stuff.... but there are!

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hey mate i got the 12 live.

Thu, 2020-11-26 18:53

hey mate i got the 12 live. pretty happy with it, my only concern is i struggle to get readings when out deep esp at speed, but i think that may be more a transducer and hull issue. the display is nice. easy to use. i found the navionics card better than the cmaps.

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E Locks

Fri, 2020-11-27 13:37

  Thanks for the comments on the Lowrance 12 live      My Next question is does anyone use the dura safe E Locks on their combo and are they made out of Plastic?