robbs jetty

does any 1 have some history on Robbs jetty (like when did it actually close to the public) , I used to fish it back in the 60s it was in my opinion probably the best land based spot in the metro area at the time it was a great spot on a Friday or Saturday night kero lights every where blokes fishing for different species herring ,tailor, big whiting, kingys or as they are known now as mulloway and getting them getting introduced to Italian coffee and hot Italian salami sandwiches with no agro those were the days

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robbs jetty was dismantled

Sun, 2013-05-19 22:38

robbs jetty was dismantled back in the 60's. the old pilons are still under the water about 50 or so metres from the shore. check out google maps and you can see it just north of the old powerstation. i fished it about 2 months ago after i posted some questions about it on this forum. Got f*** all!!! just baby tarwine, butterfish, trumpeters etc

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Robbs jetty reflections

Fri, 2020-11-27 15:38

I loved robs jetty and used to fish it regularly until it was dismantled in the mid 70s. Check out the last page of western angler April/may 1992. I would catch the first bus and then train from Bellevue to Fremantle . I would then walk to robbs loaded with all my fishing gear. At the end of the day the trip home was done in reverse with a bag of herring, pilchard and yellowtail. Ever since then I have had a passion for jetty fishing ( as well as every other type of fishing). We don't have many timber jetty's left and every time we lose another one I feel sad. There used to be an old barge wreck right next to Robbs and I caught many fish from it. I saw massive pink snapper caught at the end of the jetty as well many other types of fish. Robbs provided me with some cherished memories during my early teens. It was only matched by bonfire night every November the 5th when I would let off all types of fireworks. Brilliant memories. The government giveth and the government taketh away. I live in Jurien bay now and have caught some great fish from my boat but I still love catching herring from a jetty. I remember when..........