Madagascar.......definitely worth a visit and cheap as

Just had two weeks exploring this crushingly poor country with an average daily income of less that two dollars, they only see roughly 100,000 tourists a year. We had a professional guide and explored from Anatananivo south to the Mozambique Channel and the spiney forest.  You have to drink bottled water as less than 3 percent of the population has access to safe water, the rest..,well they drink muddy river water that people do the washing in. No fishing this trip indeed only tilapia and tiny carp available in fresh water and bluntly there are NO fish over a few inches long inside the reef down south.  Hope you enjoy the photos


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Sun, 2018-05-27 13:57

 Think they fly from here 2 or 3 times a week too. Interesting looking place, shame the fish weren’t better.


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Whilst no fish it was a feast for the eyes

Sun, 2018-05-27 14:21

 Honestly everywhere you looked there was something of interest, virtually no doctors, they rely on witch doctors. Get yellow fever....cure it by frying up golden orb spiders and eating them. They even have a viagra tree .....yes seriously!  Another tree can cure over150 ailments .....yet as far as they know know drug company has researched. And the rum they make it so so smooth and at a couple of bucks a bottle brilliant value 

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 Just makes you wonder where

Mon, 2018-05-28 19:28

 Just makes you wonder where the tourism dollar goes when you so many doing it so hard. We dont realize how easy we have it over here until you see how some countries live. Its a pity tho when you see a country as nice as that and the people are so poor and struggling. 

Anyhow . Good to see you had a blast despite no fishing. Back to reality for you now 


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 See any good waves over

Wed, 2018-05-30 07:31

 See any good waves over there Sunshine? A mate of mine was working over there recently for Rio, said the place was awsome from top to bottom....

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We went down the guts ....Highway 7

Wed, 2018-05-30 09:30

 Got to the coast at Ifati on the Mozambique Channel but that whole area is protected by an outer reef so very very calm and shallow and utterly hammered by the local fishermen.  I would have little doubt that the east coast would provide great surfing opportunities and probably equally good fishing but our guide told us the roads out that way are can walk quicker than you can drive ....... If you are into nature and lemurs in particular go soon, the place is being deforested at an alarming rate but the Malagasy have to have something to cook their meals with and charcoal is the cheapest freely available option.